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The Balurghat Sea/Air Freight service provider is focused to serving our client’s business objectives. With time and money being of essence, Balurghat offers a comprehensive range of solutions while giving you the convenient alternative to conventional sailings and uplifts. Our superior services such as decreased transit time, speedy customs clearance, increased savings etc. have won supreme client satisfaction, trust & loyalty.

While the cost benefits of sea shipping are immense, the rapid air transit adds flexibility to your schedule, improving your ‘time to market’ therein increasing your profits and saving your time. Former members of the Lognet Global Logistic Network, our partnerships with other trusted sea/air carriers allow us to provide you with seamless shipping right down to the wire, all at subsidized costs. Our expertise also includes focused and professional handling of all conventional cargo transportation.

Our (freight-forwarding) services include:


At Balurghat, we follow a comprehensive 5-step procedure :

1 . First, the shipment is transported from the factory, in keeping with statutory and regulatory procedures through inland transportation. Our trustworthy seal of assurance is our fast and reliable service.

2 . After following extensive customs export procedures, the shipment is safely transferred to its respective container freight stations (CFS) with respect to destination.

3 . Using vigilant, modern/intelligent ocean transportation technology, the shipment is then carefully shipped to destination.

4 . Once at destination, it is scanned and secured, for assured delivery to the respective Container Freight Station/ CFS at destination source.

5 . After disembarking, it is promptly transported via inland to your doorstep/job site, securely. Expect round- the-clock service, at profitable/subsidized rates/budgeted price.

Experience the Balurghat Advantage

Increased Savings: Save on Time & Money! : To comply with your every detailed request, we customize solutions to suit your convenience and take care of your every demand. To save your time, and travel costs, we even tailor-make solutions fitting in with a supply chain solution producing cost- effective solutions! Expediting your shipment with Balurghat Sea/Air Freight service would decrease transit time, leading to decreased costs, increased savings.

IT- enhanced: Intelligent Solutions : Our customer-centric approach is evidence to strategically improved service to enhance the quality of your experience with us. The sensitive detailing of our services with features such as Track&Trace and Order Monitoring are to provide you with accuracy and increase transparency.

Quick Customs Clearance : An expertly-managed and well-designed customs clearance program can greatly reduce cycle time, improve shipment tracking and visibly lowers cost. Our professional teams of customs clearance experts take care of every minute detail including documentation ensuring timely, reliable and rapid movement of your goods through the customs procedures. We belong to a network of leading global logistics experts at every destination, to understand and work with the nuances of their respective country’s customs regulations. Speeding through this once lengthy process helps to expedite the process assuring safe and rapid transmission of shipments;

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless, superior air/sea freight experience Leaving you to focus on your business. Your business is our concern/priority/focus. For more information, please contact your local Balurghat, or email our Freight department.

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